I'm Greg Pazdur.  I decided to build "Pazdur.com" because I could. It is the ultimate version of the vanity license plate. Plus, it makes for some easy email addresses! I plan to post family info and pictures as time goes on. It is an easy way to keep family and friends up to date and somewhat amused at the same time. I will eventually do some genealogy research, but don't we all say that at some point and time? Right now I'm just learning about creating web sites.  
      I was born in Chicago but lived and was schooled in Munster, Indiana, for most of my life.  Married  Lisa Krupa of Lowell, Indiana, After about a year and a half, we had a baby girl, Brianna Kimberly Marie Pazdur, and moved back to Munster from South Hammond. In 2005 Master Garrett Damian Pazdur joined the clan. In May of 2008, Lisa went her own way. Only 3 miles away. All is well & good. Garrett is the only male to pass on the Pazdur name. Pressure's off me after countless years! Good luck Garrett!! Produce many male Pazdurs!